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  • Government Security
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  • Corporate Security

    ADL identifies and effectively mitigates or manages, at an early stage, any developments that may threaten the resilience and continued survival of a corporation.

  • Peace of mind

    Make your life simpler, and get peace of mind on your travels. There's no reason to let all the time you've spent planning a great vacation, get ruined by an unprotected home.

  • Vacation Homes

    Summer is a hot season for home burglaries, with break-ins typically peaking in July and August. Keep your home and valuables safe from the inside out with ADL Technology on your side.

  • Government Security

    ADL provides strategic advice and counsel for fast-developing areas of homeland security, cyber security, critical infrastructure protection and counterterrorism.

  • Museum Security

    Museum security should be minimally intrusive but must also be maximally effective. ADL, custom-fits your security for your unique needs.

  • Family Safety

    We know how important it is to protect your home and family. When it comes to family safety, ADL will provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge for your family's complete security.

  • Marina Security

    Don't leave your boat in the hands of the general public without a tough ADL security system to back it up.

  • Protects your home

    For years, ADL has been the trusted source of protection for hundreds of families, homes and businesses.

Are you and your company at risk?

Do you know who is working for or against you?

What have you done to secure and protect your interest?

We do not sell insurance... We install it!

One of the best prevention initiatives for reducing crime and ensuring residential safety and security is to implement effective tools, with the technology of closed circuit television making an immediate impact.

Everyone has a vested interest in protecting personal as well as business assets. The more steps you can take to keep your business or home safe, the more it will prevent you from becoming an easy target. Too often, the call comes long after the damage has been done. Without taking proactive steps to identify security weaknesses, your home and business will always be vulnerable.

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About ADL

ADL provides full service consultation, design and installation of closed circuit television and electronic locking systems. These systems are used to provide premises, entry, exit and adjacent area monitoring which will enhance security and provide protection against vandalism, theft and burglary in both residential and commercial settings. We offer a broad range of products.

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